Daniela HassmanDaniela Hassman has recently transitioned from CEO of a Market Research company based in Vancouver, BC to motherhood to artist! After welcoming her son into the world in 2014, Daniela made the decision to sell SmartPoint Research, a company that she founded in 2008 and focus on spending time with her son. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to create, Daniela started to collect beautiful pieces of driftwood while going for walks on our local beaches and started making all natural wool wall hangings. The intention was to bring good energy and peace to people’s homes. Daniela believes that in order to bring peace and joy to her family and own life she needs to spend a bit of time every week pursuing personal interests so she took a painting class and was inspired to experiment with her imagination and to create acrylic paintings in addition to the wool and driftwood wall hangings.

Daniela’s artistic pursuits are quite a change of pace from her previous experience working in the market research field, however, life is for living, learning and experimenting! Currently, Daniela is also taking a course in interior design to further her knowledge in design and decor.

Here’s a taste of Daniela’s “previous life” in the market research world:

Daniela Hassman has conducted market research with a wide variety of consumer types by moderating hundreds of one-on-one depth interviews and facilitating focus groups with general consumer populations, patients, and health professionals. Daniela Hassman specializes in designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting on new product concept evaluations, taste tests, advertising testing, and consumer satisfaction. Recent projects include the consumer packaged goods category of adult beverages, nutrition discussions amongst parents and teens, disease management with various patient populations, and drug formulary and reimbursement policy research.

Daniela Hassman regularly attends conferences and professional development seminars across North America and Europe organized by prestigious market research organizations such as the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR); Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA); and Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA). As an active member of the MRIA Daniela has completed the MRIA Moderating Course.